How Old is Your Home? How to Check for Lead in Paint

If your home or building was built before 1978 (and especially those built before 1950), there's a chance that trace levels of lead exist in and around your home. The hazardous qualities of lead paint occur mostly when it starts breaking down and deteriorating or during construction projects. Lead dust and debris is extremely harmful to your health and can result in lead poisoning, which attacks the brain, kidneys, nerves, and blood - especially in small children. Before the symptoms of lead poisoning begin to show, there are better ways to check for lead in your home and remove the dangers before problems arise.

Use a DIY Kit

There are home lead test kits in the wild and readily available, though the EPA recommends having the test done by a certified lead inspector. A DIY kit uses chemicals that change colors if they detect a noticeable presence of lead. DIY kits are certainly cheaper than a professional test, but they also don't provide as detailed results.

Look for Telltale Signs

Paint chipping, excess dust from the walls after a remodel or construction project, and physical symptoms of lead poisoning in you or your family are surefire signs there's a lead problem in your home. It's best not to wait until these signs arise, but if you're noticing the signs more and more lately, you should contact a professional and replace the paint as soon as possible.

Hire a Professional

Even if you're suspicious that your home, office, or apartment building might have lead-based paint, you should contact a professional lead inspector to get a detailed report. This is especially important before you perform a remodel or addition to your building, as dust particles could become disturbed and enter the air and harm your laborers.


Once you've confirmed your home is safe from old lead paint, you'll want to replace it with a newer, safer coat of paint from a professional painting company. There's nothing that adds value and appeal to your home or building than a fresh coat of paint. Cooper Painting and Drywall can handle your painting project and bring it in on time and budget. Check out our previous work to get inspired and contact us for more information.

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