DIY: Interior Design Colors for a More Open Ambiance in Wintertime

Winter can leave a lot of us feeling down. From the lack of sunshine leading to Seasonal Affective Disorder to the endless hours spent inside, the winter wears many people down. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to use interior design and color changes to make for a more open, homey, and welcoming environment in your living space during the dull, confined winter months.

A little bit of paint, with some careful interior design planning, can go a long way to making your home seem open, warm, and inviting during the coldest months of the year.

Warm Whites and Soft Colors Can Brighten Your Space

Don't just go fully white on your walls and ceilings; go for a white with a subtle color tint. A little tease of yellow or a barely there hint of blue can warm up your whites, making them seem more inviting and warm than the stark white of the snow outside. You don't want the space to feel dull and sterile, you want it to seem inviting and open.

If you'd rather go with colors but want to keep things tame, soft colors, where the saturation of color is low, can do a lot to make a space feel open and inviting without the overpowering pop of bright colors.

Use Bold Colors to Draw the Eye

Deep blues and blue-grays are currently very popular paint colors for contrast walls or accents. Use these deeper, bolder colors to draw the eye into the space or toward features that brighten the living space, like mirrors, windows, and light-colored furniture.

Used sparingly, deeper, bold colors don't have to feel confining, overwhelming, or dark. They can feel warm, bright, and inviting as a soft, pale pastel and can draw attention to whatever you'd like to be the focal point of your room. These deeper colors can also be used for a focal point in a room, whether it's an overstuffed chair or a massive bookcase.

Beach Tones Can Invoke Summer Feelings

Rich, ocean-inspired turquoise, foamy gray, warm tans and beige, and soft yellows can all draw the mind toward summer days spent at the beach, even in city homes far from the water. Using ocean and beach colors can bring a little hint of summer to the darkest days of winter.

Beach tones lend themselves very well to background colors, such as the structural portions of furniture, carpeting or hardwood flooring, and even accessories around the space. Be creative and keep an open mind -- you'd be surprised where you can create you own little sand, sun, and water inspired space.

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