3 Creative Ways to Overhaul Your Building’s Appearance with New Paint

Have you ever walked into a building and immediately felt like you could spend the rest of the day there? On the contrary, have you ever walked into one of these buildings and felt like something was amiss, and left quickly? Surprisingly, your reaction may have everything to do with paint. Color is hugely important…
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A Brief Guide to Identifying Problem Drywall in Your Home or Business

When you own your own home or business space, there's no shortage of building-related issues regarding health and safety about which you need to be vigilant, including black mold, carbon dioxide leaks from your furnace, radon exposure, and incursions from disease-carrying vermin, from rodents to insects. Few homeowners stop to consider the idea that their…
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The Unique Challenges of Painting in Seattle

Seattle is known for its rain, which pours down from a perpetually gray sky during the winter months. This, of course, makes painting all but impossible at times. However, the summers are actually quite warm and sunny - far better for outdoor work. Still, painters shouldn't assume it's going to be easy in the summer.…
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