My name is Brian Cooper, and I'm the owner and operator of Cooper Painting and Drywall, a Seattle painting company providing interior and exterior painting services for both commercial and residential projects. I've been in the industry for about 10 years and have been working for myself since 2010. My business began based strictly on word of mouth, and I was able to complete every bit of work myself, but over the last few years I've hired on a few great employees who have helped me evolve into a licensed and bonded general contractor. I've made a point not to grow too fast so that I would not lose track of quality control, and because of this I have complete confidence in my crew's reliability.

We specialize in all types of paint jobs, both interior painting and exterior painting, as well as drywall in all finishes. We've worked on homes all over Seattle and have remodeled and maintained a handful of restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces.

My company motto is "the devil's in the details," and simply put, that means we take the time to make sure things are done correctly the first time, every time. Each member of my team is a neat, organized, and professional with a firm understanding of the task at hand. If you weren't referred to us by someone we've already worked for, I look forward to showing you what an amazing job we can do.

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